Cleves Primary School

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      Religious Education

      Cleves Primary School is made up of staff and pupils from many cultures and faith groups. As a school we aim ‘to promote the spiritual, moral, social, emotional, cultural and intellectual development of pupils and of society by encouraging an exploration of and response to those aspects of religion and human experience which raise fundamental questions of belief and value.’ (Newham Agreed syllabus.)

      At Cleves we:

      • encourage pupils to have confidence in their own growing sense of identity as well as valuing and respecting diversity in others
      • help pupils in their search for meaning and purpose in life
      • neither promote nor undermine any particular religious, spiritual or secular stance
      • encourage pupils to be confident and able to safely express their views and opinions

      Each year children the opportunity to visit places of worship from a range of community faiths, we also come together as a school community to mark and celebrate festivals such as Christmas, Diwali, Eid and Guru Nanak’s Birthday.

      Each Year has a different curricular focus:

      • Year 1 what does it mean to belong?
      • Year 2 can stories change people?  
      • Year 3 how are symbols important in religion?
      • investigating the relashionship between religions and symbols
      • Year 4 what is special to me and the people in my community? 
      • Year 5 how do beliefs influence actions? 
      • Year 6 how important are the similarities and differences between and within religions?investigating the relashionship between secular and religious world views 

      Websites to use at home:

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