Cleves Primary School

      A Brighter Future


      Music at Cleves is taught as a discrete subject but permeates throughout the curriculum and beyond. Children from Nursery to year 3 have weekly music lessons based on a multi -media scheme called Music Express.

      Children have opportunities to play un-tuned instruments such as drums, claves and maracas. In year 4 children take part in whole class Ukulele lessons with a teacher from the Newham Academy of Music. Musicianship is taught throughout. As children move into year 5 they take part in the Borough’s “Every Child a Musician” programme. All children receive a free instrument and weekly tuition –this continues in years 7 and 8 as they enter secondary school.

      Through our relationship with the Academy of Music we are able to offer individual tuition for violin and piano.  We offer clubs for both keyboard and ukulele. Membership of our school choir is popular and children have performed in a number of concerts both in school and at other venues. The choir have recorded a number of CDs and are currently developing partnerships with other schools to share and perform.

      Recently the school has purchased a full set of steel drums and children are currently auditioning to join the steel pan orchestra. 

      Children learn songs in class and have the chance to perform to their peers and their parents in concerts and assemblies – often to celebrate end of term or a religious festival. We employ a specialist choir leader to support both teachers and children.

      Music is used to support other curriculum areas, for instance work recently in RE about Diwali was supported by a drumming workshop and work on the Tudors included a visit by musicians using authentic Tudor instruments.

      Music is also used informally at Cleves; a suite of outdoor instruments have been installed in the playground and children have free access to them during breaks. Because of the scale of the instruments they are ideal to use for science activities.

      As music is so accessible it plays a vital role in inclusion at Cleves.  We employ a music therapist to work with children with a range of needs. We have a fully equipped sensory studio incorporating sound beams.

      Music Curriculum Overview