Cleves Primary School

      A Brighter Future

      Early Years Foundation Stage

      At Cleves we aim to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment where all children are encouraged to reach their full potential. Play is at the heart of our curriculum. We believe that children learn best through hands on experiences that are provided both indoors and outdoors. Children will develop positive attitudes towards learning if they are provided with a curriculum that meets their developmental needs. We allow the children to make choices about the activities they want to participate in.

      As you walk around the Foundation Stage you will observe the children engaging in adult–led focused or child initiated learning activities.

      We value the learning that has already happened in the home environment and aim to build on this by developing close relationships with parents and carers. 

      Together we are able to build on the child's previous learning experiences and provide a personalised learning journey.

      They need to:     

      • use the skills we are teaching them in a calm and purposeful environment
      • emerge themselves in the processes
      • Experiment and reinforce
      • Explore
      • Play
      • Investigate
      • Use high quality books that engage the children and spark excitement and enjoyment in learning about the world around them

      During their time in Nursery and Reception, the children will experience the areas of learning that are laid out in the Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage. The areas of learning are as follows:

      • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

      We place great emphasis on children's social skills. We encourage the children to develop positive relationships with other children and adults, to share, to negotiate, to be independent and confident.

      Communication, Language Literacy- Reading and Writing

      Children will learn a wide range of vocabulary through talking with the adults and their peers or singing nursery rhymes. They will encounter many mark making activities, where children can begin to draw and write. They can use clipboards in the role-play area or paint on the ground outside. They will be introduced to many different stories, poems, props and puppets. 

      Children are expected to:

      • Use phonic knowledge to write words
      • Write some uncommon words
      • Write simple sentences
      • Children read and understand simple sentences
      • They can demonstrate understanding of what they have read


      We involve the children in mathematical learning through many of the activities. For example, we may talk about how many buttons they have on their coat or how heavy a bucket of wet sand is. Maths resources for counting, sorting, matching, weighing and recognising shapes are available for the children to self-select.

      Children are expected to:

      • Count 1-20
      • One more one less
      • Add
      • Subtract
      • Doubling
      • Halving
      • Sharing
      • Shapes- size,proportion,pattern,money

      Understanding of the World

      This area of learning encompasses science, history, geography, ICT, music, and design technology. The children will explore their immediate environment through investigating their surroundings. They will look at natural and man-made materials. They will be encouraged to ask questions about what is happening and why. 


      We have a computer and interactive whiteboard in every classroom with some very exciting programs for the children to discover. The children will also discover the wonders of new technology. We also use digital cameras and tape recorders with the children. 

      Physical Development 

      Children are active learners and are encouraged to develop their fine and gross motor skills. They love to be outdoors come rain, snow, sun or wind. We provide a range of opportunities for children to develop their physical skills. We have a range of climbing equipment in the spacious garden that is set up to provide different opportunities for learning each day. 

      Exspressive art and design

      The children are able to create many scenarios in the role-play area. They are able to act out many different roles and explore the world of fantasy. The children will be given the chance to become familiar with different painting techniques and malleable materials. The music area allows children to become familiar with a range of different instruments.